Sydney & Canberra
since 2006

By this time, we had been engaged to develop an educational tourism brochure for the overseas schools and tertiary institutions by the Australian Capital Tourism, which is the tourism body of the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) government. Together with successful marketing to the international educational tour markets through joint campaigns with Tourism Australia, NSW and ACT, we subsequently expanded into Sydney to better serve the school and tertiary groups which were by then arriving and continuing to this day.

Sydney airport, until recently, is the main international gateway into both New South Wales and Canberra for travellers.

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Possible themes for inclusion in a Sydney and Canberra field trip:

Cook for a cause

A community service project whereby group participates in cooking for a cause, such as for the homeless or aged.

Research on Science

A centre with facilities for research ranging from Biodiversity to Innovation used for solving industry solutions. Tour covers the facilities and current research programs.

Media and Broadcasting including Journalism

Group can do a tour of the working studio, a facility that broadcasts live on the radio.

The Theatres

Behind the scene tour looking at the props and costumes used for stage plays. Learning about the production of live theatre shows.

Dairy Farms

Watch cow milking in process using the latest state of the art farm technology. Learn about the various types of milking cows, their feed and the production of milk.

Water Education

Tour of the facility, looking at how water is collected, purified for drinking and then distributed to households and businesses.

Film, Television and Radio

Centre that provides training for students who are keen on the audio and visual technology used in the film and radio stations. Chance here to learn about film production and radio broadcasting.

Scientific and Industrial Research

Collaborative projects between government and various industries that require government funding for innovations that affect the lifestyle, health and well-being of general population. Tour of the facilities and learn of past and current work that are carried out by the in-house scientists.

Glow Worms

Bush walk in the dark to access the caves where the glow worms inhabit.

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