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Having built strong educational tour foundations in Perth, Sydney and Canberra, we subsequently relocated our business headquarters to Melbourne in 2012 to further progress our educational tour products and services to cover the four major Australian cities.

We shall continue to design and organise field trips to these cities with the care and attention the overseas schools, tertiary institutions and their agents expect of us and build upon the reputable history that has sustained Sights-n-Venture Tours to the present.

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Possible themes for inclusion in a Melbourne field trip:

Shrine of Remembrance

Victoria’s War Memorial and iconic landmark with a panoramic view of the city of Melbourne from the rooftop. Students are engaged on the tour of the memorial with oral histories by war veterans with many a story to tell. On certain time of the day, a memorial service is held to remember the sacrifice of Victorian men and women of the wars of the world.

Botanic Garden Tour

Located near the centre of Melbourne, the Royal Botanic Gardens is set on 38 hectares consisting of a mix of native and exotic vegetation including over 10,000 individual species. There are myriads of programs to satisfy the inquiring minds of each group of students – be it of a Botanic, Science or Aboriginal Heritage nature.

Street Art / Café Scene

Melbourne is one of the world’s most important destinations for Street Arts. Is Street Art a form of recognised art or is it mere graffiti? – to appreciate this is to understand the social and political nuances created by the artists.

Federation Square

A huge inspirational open public space which features displays for a variety of artists, organisations and content providers. A must see and must been venue for all visitors to Melbourne.

Library – a collection of well-known literary works

Visit one of the oldest buildings in the city centre. For History buffs, taking a tour through the Library’s heritage spaces will help develop an understanding of how European settlement impacted the Aboriginal people of Victoria. There are also many hands-on activities to satisfy the curiosity of the younger students and turn library visits into one of fun and great learning experience.

Local Authors’ Masterclass

There are many local published authors that can conduct masterclass about writing skills and impart ideas of how to write successfully.

Parliament Tour

Watch the interesting debates and questioning time during Parliamentary sitting days. Otherwise go on a tour through the architecture and design of the Parliament building to learn about the dynamics of the Democratic system of governing.

Foodies Tour at Queen Victoria Market

Walk through the market displaying many colourful stalls with a guide to learn about fresh produce from farm to plate.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Tour the world-class facility with the finest collections of sport heritage and experience the “Games On” interactive gallery of the Museum housed within the building.

Victoria Institute of Sport

Chance here to view the high performance and recovery areas that elite athletes are put through in their daily training process. Meet one of such during the tour and immerse in the “Be Fit. Be Well” program ranging from nutrition to sport psychology.

Jewish Holocaust Centre

Centre is a testimony to the Victorian government’s effort to strengthen multi-culturalism in the society. Besides a tour of the exhibits giving a background of Jewish history and culture, there are programs to deal with issues of identity, community, migration, multiculturalism and world religions.

Migration Museum

Features many interactive programs of interest to students of history or even current affairs, learning about migration stories from 19th Century up to present day.

Arts Centre Melbourne

A must for students in Theatre and Performing Arts to go behind the scene of the backstage, costumes and workings towards a successful stage performance.

Innovation Centre

Visit a project built with a local school to witness “Ecology in Action”. The Centre traces the process of turning a weed-infected area of no ecological value to one of biodiverse teaching and learning habitat, which has become a testimony of a successful Science experiment for all to share.

Space Centre

Features a series of hands-on, minds-on activities that bring Math and Science lessons to life using modern technology.

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