There is the proverbial saying,
“Hindsight is 20/20”- a back mirror look at our distant past.

Sights-n-Venture Tours were started in 1993 on the back of Perth and Western Australia (W.A.). Through a mix and match approach to organising tailor made educational field trips for overseas educational institutions and schools, we created the education-tourism products and services highlighted in this section.

By this time, we had been engaged to develop an educational tourism brochure for the overseas schools and tertiary institutions by the Australian Capital Tourism, which is the tourism body of the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) government. Together with successful marketing to the international educational tour markets through joint campaigns with Tourism Australia, NSW and ACT, we subsequently expanded into Sydney to better serve the school and tertiary groups which were by then arriving and continuing to this day.

Sydney airport, until recently, is the main international gateway into both New South Wales and Canberra for travellers.

Having built strong educational tour foundations in Perth, Sydney and Canberra, we subsequently relocated our business headquarters to Melbourne in 2012 to further progress our educational tour products and services to cover the four major Australian cities.

We shall continue to design and organise field trips to these cities with the care and attention the overseas schools, tertiary institutions and their agents expect of us and build upon the reputable history that has sustained Sights-n-Venture Tours to the present.