• Mr. Feisal

    Teacher from Pasir Ris Primary School, Singapore

    A wonderful experience where students sit together and share their experiences during the exchange programme…they shared with their counterparts living conditions in their respective countries and the landscape they perceived it…the students participated in games unique to them…Singapore students brought along ‘chap-teh’ and they showed how this was played to the Australian kids while our students participated in the Physical Education classes at Tuart Hill Primary in Perth

  • Ms. Lee Ee Lian

    Regional Manager Asia from Western Australian Tourism Commission

    Sights-n-Venture has successfully conducted many educational programs for educational institutions in Singapore and has received positive feedback from all the participants

  • Ardashir U Ahmed

    Student from Hwa Chong International School

    The surroundings made me feel very calm and peaceful. The Australian National University is very friendly as it welcomes us with open arms

  • Ms. Marilyn Ling

    History & Social Studies Teacher from Dunman High Secondary School

    …really an eye-opener. Already considering how I can help my Science department to plan a trip there…

  • Mr. Jiang Chew Man

    Chemistry Teacher from ACS (Independent)

    …like deep sea flowing, calm on the surface, but happenings beneath…how can you be so peaceful, yet full of charm…

  • Radius Ko

    Student from Hwa Chong International School

    Canberra has the ideal environment for study. The trip has been a good learning experience for me

  • Mr. Nur Johari

    Maths Teacher from Deyi Secondary School

    …a borderless classroom…a treasure chest filled with knowledge…

  • Ms. Joanne Poon

    Theatre Studies and Drama Teacher from Victoria Junior College

    …Canberra is a huge classroom for students

  • Ms. Ho Yew Har

    Geography Teacher from Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

    …Canberra is a place of passionate educators