Launched latest Sights-n-Venture Tour brochure at the Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE). Download our latest brochure here.


Appointed as Project Consultant to the Australian Capital Tourism (ACT) to develop a Canberra educational tour brochure. View sample below.
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Jointly produced Perth brochure with Tourism Western Australia (formerly known as the Western Australia Tourism Commission) with a focus on educational journeys. View sample below.


Hong Kong Teachers Familiarisation Tour 25-29 December

This exciting program included visits and sightseeing.
Some of the highlights were:

  • Forest Heritage Centre in Dwellingup – Bush walk and interpretative centre
  • Mandjar Bar Ferry Cruise in Mandurah- Wildlife, Marina
  • Marapana Wildlife World – Wildlife
  • Tumbulgum Farm – Farm show, Aboriginal show, Aussie Barbeque

The familiarisation gave the teachers firsthand knowledge of Perth’s unique tourist attractions and insight into various educational programs suitable for student study tours in Western Australia.


Outdoor Experiential and Team Building

In May 2001 Sights-n-Venture Tours designed and conducted an Outdoor Experiential and Team Building program for The Chinese High School. The program took place over one week and involved a wide variety of activities designed to instill the values of group dynamics, personal achievement and self-awareness within the students.

In November of 2000 the Singapore Chinese Girls School conducted a similar Outdoor Experiential program that took them around the southwest of Western Australia. Activities that can be included in these programs include intensive team building programs, abseiling and rock climbing, raft building (image below), canoeing, orienteering and camping.


GBC Great Educentive Exchange

Sights-n-Venture Tours, in association with the Tourism Western Australia or TWA (formerly known as the Western Australia Tourism Commission) have participated in the GBC Great Educentive Exchange (GEE) in Singapore. The aim of this event was “to promote interesting, exciting and meaningful educational” tour programs to Singapore educational institutions. The audience comprised principals, heads of departments and bona-fide teachers.

Being a specialist in educational tours, Sights-n-Venture was invited to the Exchange to promote Western Australia as the preferred destination for educational field trips. With the support of GBC Travel, Singapore Airlines, TWA and other Australian operators, a familiarisation tour of Western Australia was organised for a select group of teachers and principals in 1999. The familiarisation was a huge hit, as the participating teachers subsequently organised field trips for their schools to Perth and WA.



Sights-n-Venture Tours have the knowledge and experience to conduct tours ranging from sightseeing to educational programmes that require research into specific themes. From the research, project worksheets can be compiled on behalf of institutions to test the knowledge and observation skills of the participants. The vast and diverse landscape of Australia offers many opportunities for the participants to maximise their choice of destinations as well as enrich their experiences.

Outdoor Experiential Training

We can also design itineraries revolving around team building, self-awareness, group dynamics and social interactive activities. These interesting low-risk outdoor activities bring out in the recipients qualities as broad as leadership, responsibilities, confidence, teamwork, perseverance, curiosity and creativity.

Adventure Training

Sights-n-Venture Tours can organise adventure programmes throughout Western Australia, New South Wales, Canberra and Victoria. Programmes could be of any duration and at any time of the year. Itineraries include field trips, school camps and adventure courses such as caving, canoeing, abseiling, rock climbing, low and high ropes courses.